aglùs, -ì adj. (4); S.Dauk kartus, aitrus, gaižus, laiškus.
agliai adv. S.Dauk.

Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language.

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  • agan — (*) [akin to Eng awe] : have fear. Deriv. agands (*) awestruck, agei (*) fear, agis fear, agjan (*) scare off, agjands (*) terrifying, aglaitei awkward, aglaitgastalds avid, aglaitiwaurdei awkward speech, aglaiti awkwardness, aglitha pain, agljan …   Gothic dictionary with etymologies

  • ogus — ogùs, ì adj. (4) 1. Jn, K.Būg, Slnt, Ms, Tv, Varn, Krš aitrus, gaižus, laiškus, aglus: Agurkai ogì – visą laiką į saulę buvo Kin. To vyno skonis labai ogus Up. Alus toks neskanus, ogùs gerti Plt. Ogus pienas neskanus gerti Vkš. Batviniai kana …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

  • agh-(lo-) —     agh (lo )     English meaning: disgusting     Deutsche Übersetzung: “widerwärtig”     Note: Root agh (lo ) : “disgusting” derived from an extended Root agos : “ fault, sin” produced.     Material: Goth. agls “opprobrious, ignominious”, agliÞa …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

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